History of Science for the People

v3n4Science for the People magazine

Science for the People magazine ran for more than 100 issues from 1970-1989, and channeled the full spectrum of causes that SftP members championed around the country. The publication is an integral part of the group’s legacy. (Files are courtesy of original SESPA/SftP member Charlie Schwartz)

feedneedgreed_cover-463x600-231x300-231x300More Writings By, and About, Science for the People

Take a look at Science for the People’s founding document, pamphlets, and investigative pieces.




aaas-cartoon-phildelphiaSecondary Literature on SftP and Other Resources

Bibliography of secondary literature on SftP and science activism more broadly.

Transcripts of oral histories of SftP members, conducted by Patrick Catt.

A Wisconsin researcher made FOIA requests for domestic surveillance files about SftP to several federal agencies. The requests were fulfilled in 2007-2008. Read them here: FBI file (FBI FOVPA #1071371-000); CIA file (FBI FOVPA #1071371-000); USAF file  (AFOSI #2008-FOIA-00199)

A current SftP list-serv with contributions from many members of the original organization.

DC Metro Science for the People: http://www.dcmetrosftp.org


SftP History Research Collective

Learn more about the researchers who have teamed up to collect, organize, edit, and analyze materials on the history of Science for the People.